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In order to keep the administrative effort for your financing as low as possible, LIQUITREE offers you a completely digital and manageable application process. No unnecessary paperwork. Fill out your application whenever it suits you best.

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By directing our expertise, creativity and innovative solutions to meet rapid changes in the business environment and facilitate productivity, enhancements in business processes, LIQUITREE aims to contribute to the building of a brighter, prosperous society.

Arranging personal loans and financing

Sales and marketing of products and digital services

Consulting services

Customer Relation Management services

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For Merchants

Increase in sales by extending the customer range and increasing the ticket size, with the fastest, easiest and most uncomplicated way of buying in installments! Purely digital without media discontinuity and available for every product, every service and every sales channel. This solution is completely free of charge for trading partners and is unique on the market, as no sales financing company can offer this wide range of banking partners digitally as an integration solution in the partner’s CI. The result is clear: more permits, more sales and more satisfied customers!

It's easy with Liquitree
It's easy with Liquitree

For Shoppers

The easiest and most uncomplicated way to pay for your purchase in convenient monthly installments. No waiting time, no bank appointments, do everything digitally in a few minutes and enjoy the product of your choice!

Our unique and self-developed loan application process allows us to evaluate your business more accurately and quickly than traditional banks. We use a data-driven, digital system that takes into account a variety of data points to map your business as accurately as possible. In addition, we are continuously expanding our application process with additional data sources so that we can fully understand and evaluate each of our applicants.

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The easiest and most uncomplicated way to pay for your purchase in convenient monthly installments.